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Only at Farmers’ Markets…

…can you buy fresh vine-ripened fruits and vegetables direct from the grower, plucked from the earth the day before market day. Only at Farmers’ Markets can you garner cherished family recipes, rub elbows with neighbors and friends, hear live bluegrass, meet the potter, pick up a bouquet of gladiolas, a tub of clabbered cottage cheese, and ten flavors of tamales made with fresh-ground masa. While you are there you can get your knives sharpened, buy your kids a kitten and connect with your community.

Strategic Approach

As of August 2011, the USDA reports there are 7,175 Farmers’ Markets (a 17 percent increase from 2010) scattered throughout every state in America – each with unique market history, customs and business accomplishments. In addition to farmfresh, convenient, healthy food, farmers’ markets also provide integral links between farmers and consumers to interact and learn from each other. With support from sponsors, like-minded individuals and organizations, our website at www.OnlyatFarmersMarkets.com will grow and support this important food and community resource.

Video Shot of OnlyatFarmersMarkets.com

View and Download the flash video at

The website is a clearinghouse for this universe. Each month our cameras and microphones visit Farmers’ Markets – from Bethel, Maine to Monterey, California and points in between. Video on the web site allows us to listen to the farmers, witness the hand-picked produce, learn about free-range chicken and organic sustainability, observe hand-made chocolates and mingle with the loyal customers including every chef in town. You’ll see moms and dads, kids and grandparents, foodies and students – people selecting the best in-season, locally-grown produce that tastes good and having a good time.

Goals for the Website

http://www.onlyatfarmersmarkets.com/ will:

  • Educate and broaden awareness of sustainable agriculture, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), the definition of ‘free range’ and ‘organic’, food policy, farming methods, and sharing gardening and cooking tips from growers.
  • Advocate natural/organic foods grown locally with a focus on seasonal eating, sustainability, ecology, health.
  • Communicate the learning and bonding relationship that occurs between vendor and consumer only at Farmers’ Markets.
  • Illustrate through history and geography what is unique and culturally relevant among America’s Farmers’ Markets.
  • Attract more customers, encourage growth of new markets, and create auxiliary sales through mail order, CSAs and agri-tourism.
  • Support the acceptance of food stamps at farmers markets so that all families can have the opportunity to eat locally-grown, healthy, fresh food.
  • Provide a marketplace for advertisers interested in selling to an audience of highly educated, food conscious consumers and dedicated farmers.
  • Provide a contact point, forum and online community center for growers, cooks, shoppers, craftspeople, entertainers, and anyone intrigued or touched by farmers’ markets.

Action Plan

www.OnlyatFarmersMarkets.com has re-emerged with added elements and a knowledge-networking capability. As we add functionality to the website, we will also continue to distribute a newsletter and sell sponsorship. Hover your mouse over the red outlined areas below to learn more about Website.

Home Page Illustration
Forums, a central draw of the site, attracts the social- and knowledge-networking aspect of the site. Growers, Patrons, Chefs, Market managers, and Artists/craftsmen each have a place to dialogue and learn from each other. We attract both national and local sponsors to the site. National sponsors have space on the homepage. Local sponsors receive coverage on the feature story and if  appropriate on the forum page. These links allow readers to get in touch with us and also to look for specific articles or pieces of information that have appeared on the site. Each month we distribute a newsletter – the primary push vehicle for our virtual community. Fresh News is distributed nationwide to all market managers and assistant managers of farmers’ markets. As the website attracts more visitors, we will create specialized subscription newsletters for each forum category. Each month we feature a specific Farmers’ Market. The feature story captures the essence of the people, location, history, and culture of a particularly successful Farmers’ Market with quotes, photographs, video interviews, location maps, contact names, etc. It runs on the site for a month and then is archived. Events that support Farmers’ Markets are listed on the website and updated weekly. We also promote the feature story location to attract local interest and sponsorship.


The following Web site enhancements have been developed: newsletter, forums, and feature story.

Newsletter Screen Shot

The HTML newsletter provides a list of articles and features that reflect what is newsworthy and interesting regarding Farmers' Markets in America and invites readers to visit the website. As the forums mature and interest in specific information increases, we will develop subscription newsletters containing more targeted communication for self-selected forum audiences. Anticipated timeline for specialized newsletters mid- to late-2009.

Forums Screen Shot

The forums provide a vehicle for knowledge exchange between affinity groups associated with Farmers' Markets. These include:

  • Growers who derive considerable income from farmers' markets and serve markets with farm-fresh and prepared vegetables and fruits on a continuing basis;
  • Patrons who love the market experience and desire to express themselves regarding their experiences and learnings;
  • Chefs who frequent Farmers Markets for taste and seasonal offerings to enhance their reputations and earnings. They frequently appear at markets to demonstrate their expertise and educate patrons;
  • Market Managers who oversee the commerce of the market, setting hours, locating vendors, managing procedures and setting expectations for success;
  • Artists and entertainers who provide the jewelry, pottery, photography, clothing and music to reflect the cultural heritage and enhance the atmosphere of the local market;
  • Other market enthusiasts like State USDA representatives, sustainable food advocates, nutritionists and civic leaders who have interests beyond other forum categories.

Full Screen Shot

Feature story features a different market story each month and emphasizes what is exemplary and unique. The feature stories combine an article, photo-montage and short video into a new medium that capitalizes on the internet's capability for delivering multi-media messages.

Prospective sponsors include providers of products and services to growers, organizations interested in nutrition and health of the population, tourist and hospitality organizations, local, state and federal agriculture associations and other internet resources serving the targeted audience.


More than 3 million consumers shop and over 30,000 farmers sell at Farmers? Markets annually. The USDA estimates these markets generate approximately $1 billion in consumer spending each year. Here's why —

Farmers markets

  • Bring foot traffic and buying intentions to the center of commerce
  • Attract educated and motivated consumers who enjoy the market experience
  • Provide a variety of fresh produce, reliably and regularly to the local community
  • Advocate seasonal healthy eating, sustainable and ecologically balanced agriculture
  • Share openly how food is grown, harvested and cooked
  • Represent a history and culture that reflects the community

www.OnlyatFarmersMarkets.com serves this marketplace with marketing and advertising opportunities for providers of products and services who want to attract motivated, highly educated consumers, growers, vendors and operations managers.

FreshNews and Fresh Daily News attract consumers who depend on farmers markets for fresh produce and wholesome family fun. Many visit farmers markets every week and look to the news for openings, events, special attractions, seasonal recipes, opinion pieces and items of interest that expand the awareness and enjoyment associated with farmers? markets. Your advertising that accompanies the news will be viewed whenever motivated shoppers want information. They'll have a direct link to your website.

Forums attract consumers who are curious, health-conscious and interested in improving their Farmers' Market experience. The opportunity to dialogue and get answers keeps them coming back to the website over and over again. Your advertising will be visible each time they return.

Feature story highlights an exemplary market whose success reflects the dedication of vendors and customers. When you associate your organization with the Feature Story, your advertising is viewed by consumers who are interested in what makes markets special and interesting. Outstanding markets mean outstanding associations for your product or service.

Please call our representatives at (847) 721-3759 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (847) 721-3759      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (847) 721-3759      end_of_the_skype_highlighting for a quote, or review our prices and fill out the application page.

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